Lindsay (xatticusgurlx) wrote,

for my requesting community

This is the request app for requesting anything !.. your request appilcation must look like the one below if not your request wont be taking.

Reuqest Appilcation

!# Type of Request: Icon etc

!# Name Of Maker: purplestars_

!# Your Request Under a livejouranl Cut With the cut text saying Request

!# If you are requesting a layout give your email, so we can send you layout code

!# Credit the maker after you recieve your request

!# If you request a layout you should know where to put the coding ...if not go Here

!# You are allowed 3 requests a week

If requesting a icon you do this ...

!# a picture at 100x100 or one that can easily be resized:
!# what you want done to it:
!# colours:

If requesting a layout you do this ...

!# if you like another journal layout give us the link and we will see what we can do
!# colours:
!# fonts:
!# sizes:
!# background pictures:
!# what type of cursor:
!# scroll bar [colours]:
!# what you want us to rename the commenting to:
!# Journal Position - left right center:

If requesting a friends only signs you do this ...

!# picture(s) of course:
!# what else you want it to say other than Friends Only:
!# colours:
!# fonts:

AN EXAMPLEthis was under livejournal cut

!# Type of Request: Friends Only Sign

!# Name Of Maker: purplestars_

!# picture(s) of course
picture should go under here

!# what else you want it to say other than Friends Only:
comment to be added

!# colours:
black and pink

!# fonts
verdana and arial

:: Okay if no one follows this appilcation right your request wont be taken at all, if you do it for a second time you will be removed from the community completey if any problems contact a membet and if you would like us request something that we dont already quest email a maker telling them they should start taking request for such and such cause if you request something that aint on the reqeust list then your post will be rejected and ignored Thank you
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